Cummings Pepperdine is a unique firm for the alternative assets industries

Advising on the
three key business areas of:


Cummings Pepperdine is a unique firm for the alternative assets industries.

Advising on the
three key business areas of:


We are delighted to announce the high-profile appointment of Ian Gobin as a co-owner and partner of Cummings Pepperdine from 1 March 2023.

Ian is a leading practitioner in the private investment funds and crypto sectors.

Founder, co-owner and partner, Claire Cummings says “I have known and worked with Ian for over 20 years. We have often discussed teaming-up and now, finally, the planets have aligned and we have. Ian is a driven, ambitious and talented lawyer with a great reputation. His skill set and track record in the private investment funds and crypto markets complement our existing team and add strength and depth to our client offering. We are all thrilled”.

Ian says “Claire has built Cummings Pepperdine over 21 years into a truly unique offering for alternative investment managers and has strategically positioned the firm to be at the forefront of the crypto and blockchain revolution. I am excited, honoured and proud to be joining and working alongside my close and long-term industry colleague and friend, Claire.”

Ian specialises in advising asset managers on the establishment, operation and ongoing maintenance of private investment vehicles. He became involved with advising clients on cryptocurrencies and digital assets at an early stage in the industry’s development and has carved out a niche with respect to this innovative asset class and spoken on the topic of cryptocurrency funds and digital assets offerings at both the Harvard Business School and Columbia University.

Ian is the former founding and global managing partner of an offshore law firm associated with a global listed fiduciary provider and a former equity partner and global co-head of the investment funds team at another offshore law firm.

About Us

We provide relationship-based holistic solutions linking law, tax and FCA compliance – with all these services under one roof together with a focus on integrated governance and risk procedures. 

Specialising in these three key areas allows us to offer clients a wide breadth of assistance to cater to their core business needs. A sound understanding of law, tax and FCA issues, with the ability to apply solutions to problems arising in these areas, is essential to ensure any business runs smoothly.  

Our Expertise

We offer advice and solutions in many areas within law, tax and fca. our services are tailored to your business. Our specialisms include:

  • Funds and fund managers
  • Cryptocurrencies 
  • Tax structuring  
  • FCA financial reporting, rules and governance, and resilience testing
  • Regulation and compliance   

Our services are tailored to your business and our time and cost-effective service delivers

The Cryptionary

Welcome to The Cummings Pepperdine Cryptionary. A dictionary of crypto terms.

Cummings Pepperdine is a unique advisory firm for the alternative assets industry, advising on law, FCA and tax. 

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Our Team

Through our team-work approach, your business needs are ours to meet. Consisting of a range of experts, one of our team will always be able to help.

With our easily approachable and friendly manner we are simply a phone call away. We will deal with the challenges you face and overcome them with you, allowing you to progress whilst we remain at your side throughout. Think of us as your very own in-house law and compliance department.

Pep Talk with Cummings Pepperdine

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